Research Staff Members

Research staff are involved in planning and strategizing research projects, training research assistants, conducting literature reviews to gather existing knowledge and insights related to the research topic, collecting relevant data through various methods, data analysis,  documenting research findings, methodologies, and data analysis procedures, working in teams, collaborating with colleagues, senior researchers, and other departments to share insights and contribute to cross-functional projects, adhere to ethical guidelines and ensure that research is conducted ethically, with consideration for participant rights and confidentiality, staying up-to-date with the latest research trends, methodologies, and industry advancements, ensuring the accuracy and validity of research findings and presenting the findings to internal teams or external audiences,




Mwayi Masumbu

Senior Research Associate and Team Leader | +265888752696



Eliphaz Kuseni

Resource Mobilization Officer | +265993227680



Funny Muthema

Public Health and Social Policy Research Associate | +265 888738849



Jauloss Gaddi

Research Associate

jgaddi@ipormw.or | +265998220219



Chisomo Magawa

Research Associate | +265884640434



Edson Ntodwa

Research Associate | +265992589924



Flossy Kambuku

Research Associate | +265886998058