All Inhouse Capacity Building Sessions

Work Plan Development

Facilitator: Prof. Blessings Chinsinga

The in-house capacity building workshop aimed at inculcating a culture of planning among staff members as a means of enhancing overall productivity. Prof. Chinsinga described a Work Plan as a roadmap on how to accomplish goals as an individual, department and organisation. Work Plans are critical, because they offer a bridge between strategy and impact. The rule of the thumb is that do not promise what you cannot deliver in the plan, but of course, the plans have to be realistic. In addition, the session also enlightened that Work Plans help with self-assessment with regard to progress toward deliverables by measuring what is working and what is not working and finding solutions about problematic areas.

SURVEYS AND PILOTING: Refreshing and Sharing Experiences

Facilitator: Prof. Blessings Chinsinga

Surveys are quite important in setting up M&E systems, monitoring the performance of programmes or projects and assessing higher level outcomes or impact. For instance, baseline data is used to set appropriate and achievable objectives and targets for a project, and data collected in M&E systems are compared with the baseline data to determine if a programme or project is meeting its specified targets. In piloting, emphasis has to be made on which questions to keep and which questions to be asked first, whether help text should be added, and how the respondents reacted, how interesting the survey was etc

Proposal Development Course

Facilitator: Prof. Blessings Chinsinga

The four-day Project Proposal Development In-house short course was aimed at equipping members of staff to produce winning proposals, to bolster organizational viability and long-term sustainability. The training was worthwhile for IPOR, as a research firm that specializes in surveys and social science research, advisory and consulting services as it helped participants to understand all the processes in the project proposal development that includes; Introduction; problem statement; background and literature review; Goals and objectives; Project design and Monitoring and Evaluation; Project implementation and management; Management plan; Institutional capacity and experience; Budgeting and budgetary requirements, among others.

Zoho Workspace

Facilitator: Mr. Jacob Saikolo

Zoho Email and Workspace suite in-house session was aimed at enhancing productivity and streamline communication within our organization. During the presentation, Mr. Saikolo stressed at exploring the benefits of using Zoho Mail as our primary email platform. With its intuitive interface, robust security features, and seamless integration with other Zoho applications, the session enlightened how Zoho Mail can significantly improve our email communication experience. Mr. Saikolo also showcased how different aspects of the Zoho Workspace work hand in hand, with mobile-friendly  tools, enabling us to stay connected and productive on the go. He also delved into the robust security measures that Zoho has in place to protect sensitive information and ensure that our communications and data remain safe and private.