Scientific Accompanying research of an explorative measure on Inclusive participatory village development planning in Malawi

Posted on Nov 09, 2022 at 02:14

This study aimed at evaluating an explorative measure to support inclusive and participatory development planning at local level through Village Level Action Plan (VLAP) development sessions and implementation. It sought to assess the participatory development planning and monitoring processes at village level and their outputs and potential outcomes, and to identify lessons learnt and practical recommendations for the improvement of the approach.

The evaluation, among other things, involved Focus Group Discussions with citizens, Area Development Committee (ADC) members, extension workers, representatives of vulnerable groups, and District Taskforce members; a survey with participants and non-participants in the VLAP development sessions; and interviews with Village Development Committee (VDC) chairpersons, Village Heads and local consultants. Implementation of the study commenced in May 2019 and was completed in July 2019. Data for the study was collected in various Traditional Authority areas in Salima district, Central Malawi. The study was a collaboration between IPOR and Gesellschaft fuer Organisation, Planung und Ausbildung mbH (GOPA) with funding from Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ). IPOR’s role on the study involved contributing to tool development, tool translation, obtaining of ethical clearance, recruitment and training of Research Assistants, data collection and cleaning, writing of summaries of findings, and contributing to the study’s report.