Focus Areas

Social Policy, Public Health and Livelihoods

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IPOR addresses a wide range of social policy issues largely from an economic perspective. Areas of particular interest include health, education, housing and employment. The overall goal is to explore how prevailing economic conditions and policies, especially at a macro level, affect people’s livelihoods with particular focus on those living in rural areas. IPOR’s programme of work in this thematic area also touches on agricultural issues since the country’s economy remains predominantly agro-based.

IPOR’s primary interest is to understand how the changing economics of smallholder agriculture is propping up or undermining rural livelihoods. In particular, IPOR’s work addresses the extent to which agricultural policies are inclusive of women and youth in tune with the Sustainable Development Goal’s (SDGs) mantra of leaving no one behind. Public Health is another central theme at IPOR focusing on health public policies and their effectiveness towards addressing public health problems.

In addressing social policy issues in health, education, employment, housing and agriculture, IPOR is keen on promoting inclusive development that takes on board the marginalized and disadvantaged sections of society such as women and youth etc. IPOR essentially believes that an inclusive orientated growth agenda has the potential to transform rural livelihoods and dramatically reduce the proportion of Malawians living below the poverty line.