Focus Areas

Short-term Professional Training

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IPOR provides short-term professional training to top-level, mid-level and entry level professionals in corporate governance and leadership; policy engagement, influence and advocacy; research methods and data analysis techniques; fieldwork research techniques that aim to equip individuals with skills to become effective research assistants and researcher’s strategic management and leadership and writing winning proposals. These trainings are very much practically oriented to help participants immediately improve their performance upon completion. IPOR trainers are highly qualified and experienced, employing a wide range of relevant pedagogical and andragogical techniques that guarantee the effectiveness of these trainings.

Clients are free to engage IPOR to deliver tailor made short-term trainings that address specific needs. In this regard, IPOR co-creates a training curriculum with the client through a rigorous needs assessment exercise to ensure that the training delivers the desired maximum strategic impact. As part of our short-term research training, IPOR hosts local and international university students on internship and Study-Abroad Programmes that provide practical skills and learning opportunities to students at various levels of study.